Interactive Virtual Tours: The Secret to Boosting Museum Visitations

A man sitting in front of a desktop and tracing the image of the louvre on their screen

In the wake of the global pandemic, one digital innovation rose to prominence – virtual museum tours. This novel concept has transformed the way we experience art and history, allowing us to explore world-renowned museums from the comfort of our homes. But that’s not all! These interactive virtual tours have proven to be more than … Read more

5 Ways Teachers Can Use SlicPix to Create Engaging Lessons

Teaching in the digital age demands creative solutions to engage students. One such innovative tool is SlicPix, a versatile platform that enhances classroom experiences through interactive images. As educators, you might be familiar with the concept of interactive images – visual resources that can be manipulated by the user for an immersive learning experience. Interactive … Read more

Alternatives to Thinglink: The Best Tools for Interactive Storytelling

Alternatives to Thinglink

Thinglink has set a standard for interactive storytelling by allowing creators to enhance images and videos with additional information and links, making content more engaging. However, the quest for alternatives to Thinglink is driven by the need for diverse tools that cater to specific requirements, such as different pricing models, ease of integration, or unique … Read more