Alternatives to Thinglink: The Best Tools for Interactive Storytelling

Thinglink has set a standard for interactive storytelling by allowing creators to enhance images and videos with additional information and links, making content more engaging.

However, the quest for alternatives to Thinglink is driven by the need for diverse tools that cater to specific requirements, such as different pricing models, ease of integration, or unique features not offered by Thinglink.

Interactive storytelling stands out in today’s digital landscape as it significantly boosts audience engagement and user experience.

By turning passive content consumption into an active experience, users are more likely to spend time interacting with the content and retain the information presented.

When evaluating alternatives to Thinglink, consider the following criteria:

1. Ease of Use

The tool should be intuitive and require minimal training so that you can focus on creating content rather than learning software.

2. Available Features

Look for a range of functionalities that meet your specific storytelling needs.

3. Pricing

Options should align with your budget while offering good value for the money spent.

4. Integration Capabilities

Compatibility with existing platforms like WordPress can streamline your workflow.

As you explore options, these factors will guide you in finding a suitable interactive storytelling tool that fits your creative and business needs.

Alternatives to Thinglink in 2024

1. SlicPix

As a storyteller seeking to captivate an audience and enhance user experiences, you need a tool that adapts to your needs. One such tool that stands out is SlicPix. SlicPix is a game-changer in the world of interactive content creation, offering a blend of features that makes it a worthy alternative to Thinglink.

Boost Engagement with Dynamic Web Pages

SlicPix’s mission is to boost engagement through entertaining and educational experiences, leveraging the power of storytelling for ethical and sustainable practices. This approach is directly in line with Google research that shows 1 in 3 shoppers halt purchases due to ethical or sustainability concerns. With SlicPix, you can turn these statistics around by creating engaging content that aligns with your audience’s values.

Create Interactive Experiences with Patented Technology

One of the significant advantages of using SlicPix lies in its patented interactive imagery technology. This feature allows you to create dynamic web pages that engage users, drive conversions, and ultimately improve the overall user experience. By utilizing SlicPix’s dynamic web pages, you can upgrade your website in eight different ways.

Solve Common Website Challenges

Solving problems such as abandoned searches, static website challenges, and low engagement rates becomes easier with SlicPix. Its interactive images/videos provide enhanced website navigation and increased engagement rates without requiring users to search.

Affordable Pricing for All Businesses

SlicPix also operates in the MarTech field and offers an accessible pricing model which ranges from $100-$3,000 monthly for its DXP solution. It makes financial sense even for small businesses looking for a budget-friendly yet effective solution.

Backed by a Strong Team

Another strength of SlicPix comes from its dedicated team members who are committed to technological agility. The diverse team includes co-founders Joan Drappeau (CEO) and Benoit Drappeau (CTO), Aniruddha Jaydeokar (Financial/Marketing Strategist), Dave Robertson (Business Advisor/Patent Attorney at Leber Law), and Mike Conley (Business Advisor). Their combined expertise assures you of a robust and reliable tool.

In conclusion, SlicPix stands out as an exceptional alternative to Thinglink, offering a blend of features designed to enhance user satisfaction, boost engagement rates, and provide a more interactive storytelling experience. Whether you’re in e-commerce, non-profit, real estate, or education/research, SlicPix is worth considering for your interactive content needs.

2. Genially

When looking for options other than Thinglink for creating interactive images, Genially is worth considering. It aims to increase user engagement on websites and blogs by offering visually appealing and dynamic content.

Key Features of Genially:

Here are some notable features of Genially:

  • Creation of various interactive content types like presentations, infographics, and quizzes
  • Access to a library of templates that make design easier
  • Support for animation and interactivity to make static images more interesting
  • Analytics that provide insights into user interaction

Genially is known for its versatility. Whether you’re an educator who wants to create interactive learning materials or a marketer who wants to tell compelling visual stories, this tool can meet your needs. The ability to track how your audience engages with your content can also be valuable in understanding their behavior and making improvements.

Pricing Structure:

Here’s what you need to know about Genially’s pricing:

  • Free plan available with basic features, suitable for beginners or those on a tight budget
  • Paid plans offer advanced features like branding customization and premium support

If you want to discover similar tools to Genially that can help increase user engagement and improve conversions on your site, check out our article on Genially Alternatives: 9 Tools for Creating Interactive Images in 2024. We’ve curated a list of platforms that can serve as excellent alternatives or complements to Genially itself, such as SlicPix which offers interactive image plugins specifically designed for WordPress users who want to enhance their visitor experience through captivating digital storytelling.

Remember, choosing the right tool for interactive imagery is crucial in capturing your audience’s attention effectively. Each platform has its own strengths, so comparing what they offer against your project needs will help you make an informed decision.

3. Dot Vu

When you explore Dot Vu, you discover a platform that enhances interactive storytelling through the use of hotspots that make images both informational and transactional. Hotspots are clickable areas that, when interacted with, can display text, images, videos, or even links to purchase products. This ability transforms static content into a dynamic experience, engaging users and potentially increasing conversion rates.

Core Features of Dot Vu

Let’s delve into some core features of Dot Vu:

  1. Hotspot Implementation: Create multiple touchpoints on your images that reveal additional information or lead to actions.
  2. Customization Options: Tailor the appearance and behavior of hotspots to match your brand identity and user interaction goals.
  3. Analytics Tracking: Gain insights into user engagement and hotspot performance to optimize your interactive content strategy.

Dot Vu’s capabilities go beyond simply presenting information; they allow for direct transactions within the interactive image itself. For instance, an e-commerce business might embed product links directly within an image, streamlining the shopping experience for customers.

While Dot Vu offers innovative solutions for interactive storytelling, it’s essential to recognize alternatives that may align more closely with specific business needs.

Alternative: SlicPix

SlicPix stands out by offering similar functionality but with an emphasis on reducing bounce rates. The SlicPix blog post titled “Harnessing Interactive Images to Reduce Bounce Rates” aptly illustrates how interactive images can keep users engaged longer on your website.

Moreover, for those in affiliate marketing looking to leverage interactive images, SlicPix provides advanced tools for engaging customers and driving conversions as detailed in “Exploring Affiliate Marketing Strategies with Interactive Images”. And if monetization is your goal, you’ll find “11 Surprising Ways to Make Money with Interactive Images in 2024” particularly enlightening—with practical tips on how SlicPix can aid in generating revenue through interactive content.

In summary, while Dot Vu presents a strong case for businesses looking to add interactivity to their storytelling efforts, it’s important to consider all angles and features offered by various platforms to determine what best suits your digital engagement strategy.

4. WP Draw Attention

WP Draw Attention is another alternative to Thinglink, functioning primarily as an image mapping tool for WordPress websites. It allows users to create interactive images by adding clickable areas or hotspots to static images. This feature can effectively highlight crucial points in an image, enhancing user engagement and capturing audience attention.

Limitations of WP Draw Attention

While WP Draw Attention is reasonably popular among WordPress users for its straightforward interface and ease of use, it does have limitations:

  1. Limited Interactivity: Unlike SlicPix, WP Draw Attention focuses solely on hotspot functionality. It doesn’t offer a comprehensive suite of tools for creating immersive interactive storytelling experiences.
  2. Lack of Collaboration Tools: WP Draw Attention does not provide a collaboration hub for digital experiences, making it less suitable for teams working together on interactive projects.
  3. Pricing: Although WP Draw Attention has a free version, the pro version with more features can be more expensive than some of the alternatives like SlicPix.

With these points in mind, SlicPix proves to be a stronger contender in terms of both features and pricing. Not only does SlicPix offer a robust interactive image plugin for WordPress similar to WP Draw Attention, but it also offers a full-fledged Digital Experience Suite (DXP) that redefines business-audience engagement.

SlicPix’s mission aligns perfectly with the needs of the current digital age – enhancing engagement through entertaining and educational experiences. Businesses can leverage the power of storytelling with SlicPix’s tools to drive ethical and sustainable practices.

The potential reach of SlicPix’s WordPress plugin is significant given that WordPress powers 43% of websites, demonstrating a massive market potential.

In comparison, WP Draw Attention seems limited with its sole focus on image maps without offering a broader range of interactive storytelling tools. This distinction makes SlicPix a more versatile and powerful tool for businesses aiming to create engaging, interactive content using SlicPix’s interactive storytelling tools.

Thinglink Alternative Comparative Analysis: SlicPix vs Genially vs Dot Vu vs WP Draw Attention

As we explore different interactive storytelling tools, we come across various options. Each platform has its own unique features that cater to different user needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of how these tools compare:


SlicPix is a strong alternative to Thinglink with its patented interactive imagery and omnichannel solution that enhances business-audience engagement. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Patented interactive imagery technology
  • Omnichannel solution for wider reach
  • Accessible pricing model
  • Potential market of WordPress users
  • Future plans for additional DXP solution features


Genially provides a platform for creating interactive content without any programming skills. While it offers ease of use, it lacks the advanced features and engagement capabilities that SlicPix has.

Dot Vu

Dot Vu is another tool that allows users to create interactive content. However, it may not offer the same level of user experience as SlicPix does in terms of ease-of-use and advanced features.

WP Draw Attention

WP Draw Attention is a WordPress plugin that enables users to create interactive images with hotspots. While it has its strengths, such as easy integration with WordPress, it falls short compared to SlicPix’s comprehensive suite of engagement features.

Key Comparisons for finding a Thinglink Alternative

To give you a better understanding, here’s how these platforms stack up against each other:

  1. Interactive Imagery:
  • SlicPix leads with its patented technology.
  1. Ease of Use:
  • Both SlicPix and WP Draw Attention are user-friendly due to their WordPress integration.
  1. Pricing:
  • SlicPix offers an accessible model ranging from $100-$3,000 monthly.
  1. Enhancing Engagement:
  • SlicPix’s mission aligns perfectly with this objective.

In the linked article, you can explore more about Genially alternatives like SlicPix for creating interactive images that enhance engagement and boost conversions.

By comparing these platforms, we can see that each has its place in the market. However, SlicPix stands out due to its comprehensive features, commitment to improving user engagement, and future growth plans.

The Power of Interactive Storytelling in the Digital Age

A South Asian male narrator spins a glowing tale that spills out from an ancient book, captivating a diverse audience of children.

In the digital age, capturing and maintaining audience attention is no small feat. With a deluge of information at their fingertips, consumers’ attention spans are fleeting. This is where the power of interactive storytelling comes to play.

What is Interactive Storytelling?

Interactive storytelling combines the timeless art of storytelling with modern technology. It creates an immersive experience, transforming passive consumers into active participants. This level of engagement holds attention like no static image or article can.

How does Interactive Storytelling work?

SlicPix, for example, harnesses this power brilliantly. Its interactive image plugin for WordPress makes it easy to create engaging stories that draw audiences in and keep them engaged. By adding interactive elements to images and videos, you can guide your audience through a narrative journey of your choosing.

Practical Applications of Interactive Storytelling

This form of storytelling is not just about entertainment; it has practical applications across various industries:

  1. In e-commerce, interactive images can guide shoppers through a product’s features, leading to informed decisions and increased conversions.
  2. Non-profit organizations can utilize interactive images to tell compelling stories about their cause, boosting donor action and engagement.

As reported by SlicPix’s blog, interactive images on landing pages significantly maximize conversions[^1^]. Similarly, non-profit organizations have found notable success in leveraging SlicPix’s interactive images to enhance their storytelling efforts[^2^].

Why choose Interactive Storytelling?

While traditional methods of delivering information are still relevant, the digital age demands more dynamic approaches. Interactive storytelling meets this demand by offering a captivating way to share information that resonates with today’s digital consumers.

The ability to choose-your-own-adventure gives your audience a sense of control and investment in the content they consume. This increased engagement translates into longer dwell times, improved SEO metrics, and ultimately, better user experiences.

If you’re looking to harness the power of interactive storytelling, it’s worth considering tools like SlicPix. They offer a great way to transform your static content into dynamic interactive experiences that engage and captivate your audience.

[^1^]: Maximize Conversions: Interactive Images on Landing Pages – SlicPix Blog This is your ultimate guide to maximizing conversions using interactive images and SlicPix’s interactive storytelling tools. [^2^]: 10 Ways Non-Profits Can Utilize Interactive Images with SlicPix – SlicPix Blog Elevate non-profit engagement with SlicPix’s interactive images—boost storytelling, donor action, and SEO.

Inspiration from Successful Interactive Image Campaigns

Interactive storytelling has revolutionized how brands connect with their audiences, and analyzing successful campaigns can provide a wealth of insights.

Thinglink statistics reveal a significant uptick in engagement rates when interactive elements are incorporated into images and content.

This shift demonstrates the power of allowing users to explore content at their own pace, clicking through to learn more about individual elements that pique their interest.

Why Interactive Images Are Effective

Here are some reasons why interactive images have been successful in capturing audience attention:

  1. Increased Engagement: Campaigns utilizing interactive images routinely report higher engagement rates. Users spend more time on pages as they interact with content, leading to better retention and conversion.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Interactive images provide a more immersive experience than static ones. For instance, real estate listings with interactive floor plans allow potential buyers to visualize the space more effectively, likely increasing inquiries and sales.
  3. Educational Value: In educational settings, interactive imagery can turn a simple diagram into a dynamic learning tool. Students engage with different parts of an image to uncover more information, catering to various learning styles.

Examples of Successful Interactive Image Campaigns

Case studies from diverse industries demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of interactive storytelling:

  1. Retail: By incorporating interactive images that feature clickable hotspots revealing product details, retailers have seen a surge in online sales.
  2. Local Downtowns: By using interactive maps to make small downtown businesses stand out, one can expect an increase in activity by allowing potential visitors to virtually explore attractions.
  3. Non-Profits: Charities have benefited by creating compelling narratives around their causes through interactive visuals, driving up donations.
  4. Events: Conferences and trade shows have enhanced attendee experiences by providing interactive venue maps and exhibitor information.

For those interested in leveraging this strategy for revenue generation, exploring 11 Surprising Ways to Make Money with Interactive Images in 2024 could provide valuable insights. This blog post by SlicPix offers a comprehensive guide on how to monetize interactive images with their advanced capabilities.

The key takeaway is that regardless of your industry or niche, there’s potential for interactive imagery to enhance your brand’s narrative and user engagement. By examining successful campaigns across different sectors, you can gain inspiration for how best to implement these strategies in your own digital marketing efforts.


Exploring alternatives to Thinglink leads to the discovery of innovative tools capable of transforming interactive storytelling. SlicPix emerges as a standout solution, offering an enriching suite of features tailored to elevate user engagement. The significance of interactive experiences in today’s digital narrative cannot be understated, with SlicPix at the forefront, providing an accessible, feature-rich platform for creators and businesses alike.

Remember, the right tool can redefine how audiences connect with your content. If you’re looking to monetize your creations or just add a dash of interactivity, uncover the potential with SlicPix’s strategies for interactive images. And for those moments when you need a burst of creativity outside the professional sphere, immerse yourself in stunning visuals with captivating iPhone wallpapers.

With the information provided on SlicPix and its contemporaries, you are now equipped to make an informed decision that aligns with your digital storytelling goals. Harness the power of interactive imagery and embark on a journey towards engaging, educating, and inspiring your audience like never before.

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